Vegan abolitionists tell it like it is

While it is true that abolitionists ask folks to “Go Vegan”, it is not true that abolitionists expect those folks to go from consuming flesh, secretions, skin, etcetera to vegan overnight. Our goal is to make nonhuman animal slavery illegal, just like it is now for human animal slavery.

Our method is to tell the TRUTH, the WHOLE TRUTH, and nothing but the TRUTH. That is, turning a sentient being into a commodity is about as wrong as wrong gets and thus all forms of animal exploitation, human and nonhuman alike, should be abolished immediately. Once this message is out there we let the recipients of the message do what they think is best.

Some will Go Vegan right on the spot. Others will not. Instead they’ll eat “humane” flesh or forgo flesh but continue consuming secretions, skin, or whatever (i.e., vegetarianism). BUT the message from us that it is ALWAYS wrong to commodify a sentient being will remain with them forever.

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