Even the most doted upon slaves are still slaves

Nonhumans are our slaves. We use them to satisfy our ends. Speciesism allows this by degrading nonhumans into the class of things and resources. Some members of this slave class, an infinitesimal proportion, are viewed affectionately and treated relatively well. Yet the fundamental relationship of subjugation and domination remains constant. Even the most doted upon […]

It makes you consistent and unequivocal in your eschewing involvement in the exploitation of nonhuman animals

Veganism isn’t about sometimes choosing to exploit animals for your taste-buds, your vanity or to accommodate your budget. Veganism isn’t just about “diet”. If you consume animal products, you’re not vegan. It’s a simple definition and if you stick to it, it does not make you a “fanatic” or a nitpicker—it makes you consistent and […]

Veganism is a matter of justice

[L]et’s stop talking about veganism as a matter of compassion, benevolence and other nice-sounding, but ultimately anthropocentric missives. The idea that we are “being kind”, “acting compassionately”, or “saving lives” just by being vegan is misguided. It’s also paternalistic. Veganism is a matter of justice, and it reflects the absolute minimum of justice that I […]

The slave power always laughed at the political and economic arguments against it

The slave power always laughed at the political and economic arguments against it. Calhoun the ablest defender of the system, was acute enough to see that slavery could survive only upon the ground that it was right. [William Lloyd] Garrison put aside all questions of policy or expediency, and demanded immediate and unconditional emancipation because […]