Even if stress didn’t spoil the meat, we would never mistreat an animal

We farmed Alberta beef for decades, there is little as insulting as someone who has probably never even met a cow telling people terrible lies about how farm animals are treated—farmers love animals and even if stress didn’t spoil the meat, we would never mistreat an animal.

Then there are these idiots who seem to think we should turn all the cows and whatnot loose and let them get chased by wolves, hit by cars, freeze to death, etc. We cannot ignore the fact that these animals cannot survive in the wild.

This kind of ignorant nonsense is why the actual mistreaters of animals get away with it, factory egg farms for example, can point out how absurd and inane arguments like the one in the post are, making out that ALL farm animals are the same and are treated cruelly, which is so stupid that nobody will listen to anything else you might say, even if it is legitimate, because you have proven to know nothing about it and just use emotional language like an antichoicer.
~ Jennye Blain (June 4, 2016)

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