The future depends on what we choose to say and do now

When the injustices of the world seem too big to overcome and we feel small and powerless, that isn’t the time to give up. It’s time to be determined and consistent, to stick with it and speak the truth until the job is done. Oppression isn’t ended overnight, but that doesn’t make it never ending. The history of the world is filled with unexpected changes to the status quo. If you are passionate about justice, peace, and nonviolence, what other option is there but to continue to bring these values into the world, day by day, with each word and deed that you choose? Passion is contagious. There is no doubt that a thousand years from now the world will be a very different place. The kind of place it will be in that future depends on what we choose to say and do now.
~ Edward J. Immel (June 13, 2015)

Published by Randy W. Sandberg

Fast walking vegan driven by ahimsa and powered by a whole food plant based diet.

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