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Stop saying that vegans shouldn’t criticize other vegans

Stop saying that vegans shouldn’t criticize other vegans. Obviously, all vegans are not the same, and all vegans do not believe the same things. All animal theories are not created equal, and some of them have done some real damage. Criticism is great when it actually has substance; in fact, it is necessary when it has substance.
~ John Tallent (January 20, 2015)

It’s OK to connect the dots for other people regarding our moral obligations toward other animals

It’s OK to connect the dots for other people regarding our moral obligations toward other animals. In fact, many times it is necessary because of the damage done to the animal movement by the large animal organizations. Let people know: it is not simply that other animals are being tortured, killed, or live in “inhumane conditions” – it is that other animals are *sentient* and have an inherent right not to be *used* at all for human purposes, regardless of the conditions in which it is done in, and regardless of whether that nonhuman animal is being tortured or not prior to their death.
~ John Tallent (January 16, 2015)

“I can eat everything including your cute three year old daughter ….”

“What can you eat [as a vegan]?” he asked. I answered[,] “I can eat everything including your cute three year old daughter. But when morals and ethics get in the way, your child and every other animal are off the menu.”
~ Anita Mahdessian (January 14, 2015)

Violent “vegans”

It seems to me it’s the welfare PeTA inspired “vegans” who trend toward violence. My theory is that their lackluster milk toast support of any kind of significant social change leaves them feeling as impotent as their movement is. Thus, once they realize what they’re doing leads nowhere, some turn towards violence as a last ditch effort rather than abolition (i.e., clearly stating slavery in any form is wrong and calling out for the end of it). Too bad too, because the more people we have telling the unvarnished TRUTH, the better for those we’re striving to help – all animals including ourselves.

P.S., When I say “PeTA” above I mean any of the so-called “Animal Rights” groups who support the very same industry they claim to be fighting against. That is, anyone who supports anything other than veganism and the utter annihilation of slavery – not just the regulation of it – directly or indirectly supports the continuation of the enslavement, torture, and outright murder of billions upon billions of sentient animals every single year.

Think, then Go Vegan!

Are you one of the animal abusers’ best assets?


If your main form of “animal activism” is partnering with industry to promote welfare reform and happy exploitation, thereby increasing production efficiency and corporate profits and further normalizing animal exploitation, then you are one of the animal abusers’ best assets.
~ Gary L. Francione (July 20, 2014)