Let’s not assume people are too stupid to grasp the full truth!

I find it offensive that there are those in this movement who believe non-vegans are too stupid to grasp the concept and gravitate towards it on their own. Therefore, they assert that we have to dumb things down and use misleading messaging to trick people into making progress. Please! Be consistent and present the information in its entirety. No one is saying you have to go vegan overnight, but let’s not assume people are too stupid to grasp the full truth!
~ Ed Coffin (June 15, 2014)


I wish you would stop saying slavery. It’s not the same thing.

Language is important. The very definition of slavery is the treatment of one group as property to be bought, sold, and forced into work by another group. If non-human animals are not slaves, are they then free? There are not many animals I know of that exist within human society who voluntarily engaged in this system. Cows do not clock in and clock out. They don’t go home to their families. They don’t have conversations in the lunchroom. And the only retirement package available to them at the end of their painful lives is a violent death when their usefulness to us has run out.

Of course, coming to terms with the sobering reality of slavery is probably the most difficult mental hurdle to overcome when having these discussions. Because if we are forced to acknowledge that slavery is wrong and that non-humans are slaves, then we have a moral obligation to talk about abolition. The repercussions for our economic structure and, indeed, our way of life could be devastating. But I imagine it wasn’t easy for pre-Civil War Americans either.
~ Christopher-Sebastian McJetters (June 13, 2014)