The Bear and The Duck

ANIMAL RIGHTS circa 1958 on Network Television!!!

I just finished watching an episode of Leave it to Beaver entitled “Beaver’s Poem” (Season 2, Episode 1) and was amazed by the two poems presented on the show. The first, written by The Beaver’s dad, Ward Cleaver—in what he felt would have been The Beaver’s own words—and the second written by Theodore “The Beaver” Cleaver himself. I think you too will be amazed by the language used in these poems:

The Bear: I would like to be a bear, gay and happy free from care / That’s the life like no other, climbing trees with my mother / Though they call me beast of rage, I’ve never put things in a cage / Or set a trap since time’s begun, or shot a human with a gun.
~ Ward Cleaver (October 2, 1958)

The Duck: Once I wished I was a duck, ’cause mostly ducks have lots of luck / They swim around all day in a pool, and mostly never have to go to school / Then I saw a duck hanging in a butcher store, and I didn’t wanna be a duck no more.
~ Theodore “The Beaver” Cleaver (October 2, 1958)

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