Mice show evidence of empathy

In response to Mice show evidence of empathy, I made the following comment back on July 5, 2006:

What happens to the mice when you inject them with acetic acid? Oh yeah, they “writhe in pain” as you stated. So, it amazes everyone in the scientific community that a “simple” animal, a mouse, can empathize with another when she sees her cellmate in pain? To me, this just makes sense. No creature wants to feel pain. In fact, except for some really messed up human-animals, most sentient beings try very hard to avoid pain at all costs. Thus, this “experiment” is just another reason to degrade/torture animals we feel are “lower” than us in the name of science and the all mighty dollar. My question then, is when these poor souls are writhing in pain, do the perpetrators empathize with them? And if so, why won’t they stop this kind of madness and join the 21st century where truly valuable experiments can take place without all the needless suffering using computer modeling and other such things.

Think, then Go Vegan!

Note: In my original comment, which can be seen using the link above, I said “To me, this just makes since.” Rather than, of course, “To me, this just makes sense.” Yeah, as you can imagine, I was in quite the agitated state when I originally wrote the comment. So, anyway, for readability purposes, and because I am quoting myself, I couldn’t let this typo be so I fixed it. Thanks for understanding. 🙂

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