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You are not steps in the right direction

Dear Flexitarianism, “Humane”itarianism, Pescatarianism, Veg, Vegetarianism, Veggie, and Veg’n:

You are all diets. You are all violent. You are all meaningless for the animals. You are all meaningless for my morality. You are not steps in the right direction.
~ Sarah K. Woodcock (February 9, 2013)

Opt out of the horrific violence today by going vegan today

Alert: I am going to speak the truth. Please separate the message from the messenger. I don’t say this to make you feel judged; I say this because I wish someone said this to me before I was vegan.

***You are personally responsible for harming animals for unnecessary reasons unless you are vegan.***

Humans do *not* need to eat, wear, be entertained by, or otherwise use animals. Opt out of the horrific violence today by going vegan today. (The hard part isn’t going vegan; the hard part is declaring who you are in a world that values conformity.)
~ Sarah K. Woodcock (February 8, 2013)

I stand up against the Israeli occupying forces of Palestine

Veganism, whereby we stand up for the rights of others not to be exploited, extends beyond non-human animals. That is, veganism means standing up against the exploitation of ALL animals including humans. And thus, as a vegan, I stand up against the Israeli occupying forces of Palestine and look forward to the day when the rest of the world does the same.

Go Vegan. Go Peace!

To religious people and nonbelievers who aren’t vegans

To religious people, I’d say treat nonhuman animals the way you would like to be treated by your god or supernatural power, which, for virtually everyone if they’re honest, entails veganism.

To nonbelievers who aren’t vegans, I’d say give your claims to secular morality more thought and importance in your life, because unless you’re vegan, your claim to scientifically-informed, rational, secular morality has a blatant and indefensible absurdity to contend with. The only reason you get away with non-veganism culturally is because you live in a very prejudiced (read: irrational) society when it comes to the moral status of nonhuman animals.
~ Dan Cudahy (February 6, 2013)

Want to know what it takes to help animals?

The argument that there are so many “more important issues” to be involved with than veganism is such crap. Want to know what it takes to help animals? Stop shoving them and their products down your gullet.
~ John Tallent (February 5, 2013)