And yes, it's rape, because that's what they do to the cows

Today we had birthday coffee at my place, and I showed my family my “vegan” tattoo. Here’s an approx of the discussion that followed with my dad’s girlfriend:

Her: What if you change your mind?
Me: Well, if you become vegan it’s for life, or you’re not vegan. It’s like if you’re against rape, you’re not suddenly going to change your mind.
Her (getting upset): It’s not the same thing. Rape has nothing to do with eating meat. I respect your choice to be vegan, but you have to respect my choice to eat meat.
Me (getting angry): Well, you know what? I don’t. Because I think it’s wrong. Eating meat is death and torture and it’s wrong. And yes, it’s rape, because that’s what they do to the cows. They rape them with artificial insemination and then steal their babies.
Her: The cows don’t understand things like that.
Me: What?
Her: They can’t comprehend their babies being taken away.
Me: Really? You think cows don’t have motherly feelings? Carrying a baby for that long and then having it taken away.
Her: I believe it’s instincts
Me: I think you should go to a farm and see the cows yelling for their babies after they’ve been taken away.

Also there was something like this:
Her: You must respect my needs to eat meat. I only eat what I catch and no more.
Me: But you don’t. You don’t catch your food.
Her: Well if I went fishing I would only catch what I intend to eat.

Me: You wouldn’t kick a dog, but you’ll eat a pig, which is much worse. I don’t get it.

I wanted to say so much more, but I was feeling pretty angry.
~ Michaela Österlund (August 18, 2012)

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