Is there a common bond between atheism and veganism?

Atheists do not believe in supreme beings commonly referred to as gods. Vegans do not believe other-than-human animals exist merely to serve human needs. That is, vegans believe nonhuman animals exist for the same reasons we do—their own.

Is there a common bond between atheism and veganism? I believe so and I suggest it is doubt. That is, in a society such as here in the USA where “more than 9 in 10 Americans continue to believe in God“, doubt is at the heart of what helps turn a believer or likely believer into a non-believer.

From my perspective, the same goes for veganism. In a world where other-than-humans are routinely thought of as things to be bought, sold, used, and possibly even killed for mostly trivial human needs, folks who think differently are a rarity. Once again, doubt, I believe, is key to acquiring this currently uncommon worldview.

So, doubt or skepticism, to me, is at the very core of most atheists, vegans, and other such freethinking individuals. Thus, if this is true, it is my prediction that as time goes by and we move further away from the age of faith and into the age of doubt—where challenging the status quo is seen as a noble act rather than an act of heresy—we will see a significant rise in the numbers of atheists and vegans alike. 🙂

Think, then Go Atheist and Vegan!

Published by Randy W. Sandberg

Fast walking vegan driven by ahimsa and powered by a whole food plant based diet.

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