How to turn a whole rabbit into porchetta and rillette

In this class Scott Ketterman, chef and owner of Crown Paella, and former chef at Simpatica Catering, will teach students how to turn a whole rabbit into porchetta and rillette. Each student will have the chance to debone a whole rabbit. They’ll then learn to turn the legs into sausage meat, which will be used to stuff the loins in preparation for porchetta. While the porchettas are poaching, students will learn how to transform rabbit into rillette, a French method that involves slow poaching rabbit meat in duck fat then emulsifying the tender meat and rich fat into a rough, spreadable, delicious paste. Students will get to taste all the results, and at the end of the class they’ll go home with recipes, their own porchetta, a jar of rabbit rillette, and a jar of rabbit stock.
~ Portland Meat Collective (March 2, 2012)

Published by Randy W. Sandberg

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