Should the immediate Abolitionists ever succeed

Should the immediate Abolitionists ever succeed, in bringing about such an awful result, let them beware lest they themselves, and not the slave-holder, may be offered up first as burnt offering, to the Genius of Fanatacism. Their true object is now palpable, like Erostratus of old, who fired the temple of Diana, to immortalize his name, so would they, build up their fame, upon their destruction of every thing, at present, noble and glorious in our great Republic.

It is true that the almost unanimous voice of our white population now deprecates the conduct of such unprincipled incendiaries, but the public voice cannot prevent the natural and rapid increase of the blacks, nor the secret efforts of the bigots, (whatever these efforts may be.)
~ Richard H. Colfax (1833)

Published by Randy W. Sandberg

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