The only logical way to end the exploitation of nonhumans

I’m 60 years of age and became a vegan less than a year ago, rather late in life unfortunately. I immediately embraced abolitionism as it seems the only logical way to end the exploitation of nonhumans. I have run an environmental management consultancy for over 20 years and live in Essex in the UK. Virtually all my advocacy is done face-to-face and I recently delivered the message to over 300 people in a series of workplace presentations at the invitation of one of my clients. At some point I would like to get involved with running a vegan stall and I’m exploring the possibility of participating in vegan education talks in schools. Any change is exponential and every vegan created accelerates the momentum of that change.
~ Alan O’Reilly (November 6, 2011)

Published by Randy W. Sandberg

Fast walking vegan driven by ahimsa and powered by a whole food plant based diet.

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