Exploitation, violence and injustice all rolled together

Of course, there are many kinds of exploitation in the world, many kinds of injustice and violence to be concerned about. But slavery is important because it is exploitation, violence and injustice all rolled together in their most potent combination. Not to take action is simply to give up and let other people jerk the strings that tie us to slavery.
~ Kevin Bales (December 12, 2010)


It is pretended, that I am retarding the cause of emancipation

It is pretended, that I am retarding the cause of emancipation by the coarseness of my invective, and the precipitancy of my measures. The charge is not true. On this question my influence,—humble as it is,—is felt at this moment to a considerable extent, and shall be felt in coming years—not perniciously, but beneficially—not as a curse, but as a blessing; and posterity will bear testimony that I was right.
~ William L. Garrison (January 1, 1831)

I hunt because I love to spend time with all of God's creation

I hunt because I love to spend time with all of God[‘s] creation. I admire how animals socialize in their way the same as we do. God put them on earth for us to use as food. God also gave us animals to show us how to love with out condition as our pet[s] love us, we should love each other.
~ Ed Guptill (November 25, 2010)

Love to hunt for love the peace and quiet of nature

Love to hunt for love the peace and quiet of nature. All problems of life seem to drift away and am able to enjoy nature at its best. But nothing like the adrenaline that flows through your body when that big buck comes within the kill zone. We only hunt certain size bucks and the meat is put to full use. My family has a great respect for animals ecspecially [sic] mature buck deer. They are smart and give us a challenge each year to hunt. And when we do take a buck we always respect them by making sure they are cleaned up before pictures are provided. We try to let them get to full grown mature status before taking them out.
~ Kim Keeling Huett (November 24, 2010)

Bad habits and thoughtlessness in everyday people

We are conditioned throughout our lives in media, story books, cartoons, hollywood blockbusters and novels that there are bad people—baddies. This is a myth and it harms our society. We are not battling baddies, we are trying to confront bad habits and thoughtlessness in everyday people.
~ Renata Peters (November 29, 2010)

Hunting is so much more than just killing an animal!

You have to respect the animals you hunt. That means being responsible enough to know when to take a shot, and when to pass it up. And just getting to know their lifestyles. Hunting is so much more than just killing an animal!
~ Camille Wininger (November 24, 2010)

I No Longer Steal from Nature

You are diseased in understanding and religion.
Come to me, that you may hear something of sound truth.
Do not unjustly eat fish the water has given up,
And do not desire as food the flesh of slaughtered animals,
Or the white milk of mothers who intended its pure draught
for their young, not noble ladies.
And do not grieve the unsuspecting birds by taking eggs;
for injustice is the worst of crimes.
And spare the honey which the bees get industriously
from the flowers of fragrant plants;
For they did not store it that it might belong to others,
Nor did they gather it for bounty and gifts.
I washed my hands of all this; and wish that I
Perceived my way before my hair went gray!
~ Al-Ma’arri (c. early 1000)