"Why Veganism?"

There are several roads to veganism and many individual views of it, but veganism is one thing and one thing only—a way of living which avoids exploitation whether it be of our fellow men, the animal population, or the soil upon which we all rely for our very existence.
~ Eva Batt (1964)

One can only guess how many more vegans there would be in the world today if in 1964 the majority of vegans took Eva’s simple yet powerfully clear message of what it means to be vegan to the non-vegan masses and continued to do so up to current times. My guess is a lot more. Sadly, instead, the majority of vegans took a different route. A route that has cost the lives of billions upon billions of sentient beings by suggesting one can exploit “humanely” thereby enabling folks to guiltlessly remain non-vegan. Or by suggesting that being vegetarian, one who continues to use other animals for everything except their flesh, is somehow morally different than any other non-vegan.

The good news is that each of us can reevaluate what we are saying to the non-vegan public and if we find we’re not being as clear as Eva was, we can change our message for the betterment of all.

Think, then Go Vegan!


We enslave, torture, and then steal their lives from them

When one stops to think—the fact that none of us need to consume the flesh, secretions, skin, hair, etcetera of nonhuman animals in order to thrive—we mostly enslave, torture, and steal the lives away from others for pleasure alone.

Confined cows, pigs, birds, and so many other nonhuman animals are forced to serve us humans for their entire lives. And as Nathan E. Schneider states, “[e]ven the most doted upon slaves are still slaves.” Thus whether the nonhuman is “owned” by a small family-sized farmer who names and “loves” her and allows her to roam on a “free-range”, or a mega-factory conglomeration that coldly assigns the slave a number and never sees “it” in its cramped quarters, the fact remains that these poor beings are enslaved to satisfy our taste buds.

Torture comes in many ways to our slaves. Baby girl chickens have their beaks seared off with hot blades while their “useless” brothers are thrown into grinders alive. Many animals are castrated, branded, have their horns and tails cutoff, etc. Cows are forcibly impregnated once a year to keep their milk production in high order. And, nine months later, upon birth, their babies are usually stolen from them. I believe this kidnapping is one of the most heinous things someone can do to another and all of this is performed to quench our thirst for slave products.

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