Why stop beating your spouse?

When someone beats their spouse they can end up harming themselves as well as the environment. The harm to themselves can include retribution from their spouse, bloody knuckles from all the slugging, neighbor complaints about the excess noise, fines and even possible jail time. Environmental harm can come from having to throw away lamps and other household items broken during the “fight” as well as the repeated washing of clothing, furniture and other landing spots of hard to remove blood and other such bodily fluids.

But, although the above mentioned reasons for stopping to beat one’s spouse are valid, the primary reason one should stop beating their spouse is because unnecessarily harming someone is wrong. In fact, one would hope the idea that it is wrong to beat one’s spouse would be the major topic of discussion with an abuser when trying to get them to stop their despicable actions.

That said, why is it that so many animal rights advocates seldom if ever mention that it is wrong to enslave, torture and steal the life away from other animals? Why is it that they talk up the health benefits of a vegan’s diet or the environmental savings a vegan’s diet creates all the while neglecting to mention the major reason folks should stop doing what they do to other animals—because it is wrong?

Moreover, and even more disturbing, why do some animal advocates ask folks to cut down their unnecessary harm to other animals rather than simply state it is wrong and they should stop immediately? That is, I hope no one would ever suggest to a spouse abuser that they should cut down their egregious behavior or do it more “humanely” rather than end it and thus I would also hope animal rights advocates would do the same.

Think, then Go Vegan!

Published by Randy W. Sandberg

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