We animals

Believe it or not, we humans are just one of the many species of animals that occupy this planet. Moreover, many enlightened folks including the American Dietetic Association are rising above the propaganda and stating the fact that human animals can easily live on a 100 percent plant based diet. In fact, more and more scientists are presenting evidence that eating animals or their secretions is deadly for us.

Why is it then that we work so hard to prove we are either above other animals or even that we are not animals at all? I guess one reason is so we can justify the horrors we inflict upon them and still slumber easily at night.

Most folks know that it’s certainly not desirable to be “treated like an animal”. But why does this have to be this way? Why can’t being “treated like an animal” be a good thing? Why can’t we have respect for our fellow earthlings especially since we do not need to eat them or their secretions in order to survive?

I have asked non-vegans why they do what they do in the past and got back responses such as, “I love animals but I also love eating them, and I always will”, “they are something delicious and nutritious that then reside in my loving tummy tum-tum and become a part of me”, and “I still eat meat because I enjoy it, not because my God says I can.”

Since we do not need to use them for survival it boils down to we do what we do to them for pleasure. How sick is that? That is, we enslave, torture and steal the lives away from fellow animals simply because it’s currently legal and it feels good.

And on the legality of turning other animals into commodities that we ultimately choose how, when and where they live and die, I suggest we remember what Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said about committing legal injustices, “Never forget that everything Hitler did in Germany was legal.”

Veganism, or the pursuit of abolitionists to end the legalized slavery of all animals, not just the human variety, will one day come to fruition and when it does you might want to ask yourself which side you want to be on—the slaveholders or the slaves? I myself, am on the slaves side and I will continue to advocate for each and everyone of them, both human and nonhuman alike, until the day I die.

Think, then Go Vegan!

Published by Randy W. Sandberg

Fast walking vegan driven by ahimsa and powered by a whole food plant based diet.

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