It’s all about that patriotism

The 4th of July is about celebrating our independence from Great Britain to murder native Americans, enslave black people, oppress women and eat dead animal parts. Let’s celebrate this 4th of July by spending millions of dollars blowing shit up while people are homeless and starving in this country … because you know it’s all about that patriotism.
~ Jamison Scala (July 3, 2014)

Let’s not assume people are too stupid to grasp the full truth!

I find it offensive that there are those in this movement who believe non-vegans are too stupid to grasp the concept and gravitate towards it on their own. Therefore, they assert that we have to dumb things down and use misleading messaging to trick people into making progress. Please! Be consistent and present the information in its entirety. No one is saying you have to go vegan overnight, but let’s not assume people are too stupid to grasp the full truth!
~ Ed Coffin (June 15, 2014)

I wish you would stop saying slavery. It’s not the same thing.

Language is important. The very definition of slavery is the treatment of one group as property to be bought, sold, and forced into work by another group. If non-human animals are not slaves, are they then free? There are not many animals I know of that exist within human society who voluntarily engaged in this system. Cows do not clock in and clock out. They don’t go home to their families. They don’t have conversations in the lunchroom. And the only retirement package available to them at the end of their painful lives is a violent death when their usefulness to us has run out.

Of course, coming to terms with the sobering reality of slavery is probably the most difficult mental hurdle to overcome when having these discussions. Because if we are forced to acknowledge that slavery is wrong and that non-humans are slaves, then we have a moral obligation to talk about abolition. The repercussions for our economic structure and, indeed, our way of life could be devastating. But I imagine it wasn’t easy for pre-Civil War Americans either.
~ Christopher-Sebastian McJetters (June 13, 2014)

In the name of selfishness

Non-veganism is discriminatory, unnecessary, and unjustifiable violence perpetrated in the name of selfishness.
~ John Tallent (June 2, 2014)

We kill 10 times more plants by eating beef than by simply eating plants

Last night, I attended a local food-faith-community talk, where one of the speakers asserted that veganism is not practical because, for us to live, something has to die, and plants have lives too, and we shouldn’t consider their lives to be worth less. So, after challenging her assertion, I went home, did a few google searches and ran a few calcs. I always knew that eating plants actually saved plants, but I didn’t know just how well. Assuming 12 lbs of soybeans are required to produce 1 lb of beef, a single 4 oz beef serving kills 1 cow with a highly developed nervous system plus 150 soybean plants +/-. In contrast, if I ate 1 cup of black beans, 2 cups of mixed greens, onions, tomatoes, and mushrooms, plus a sweet potato, I estimate I killed 5-7 black bean plants, 1 collard green plant, 1 tomato plant (technically not killed, since tomato harvest doesn’t require plant death, but humor me here), 1 onion plant, 3-5 mushrooms, and a sweet potato plant. So that means that vegan meal killed 12-16 plants, vs 150 soy plants killed—murdered, dare I say—to produce a single 4 oz beef serving. Talk about a deep rationalization! We kill 10 times more plants by eating beef than by simply eating plants. And this person was a religious person! There are none so blind, as those who will not even consider alternate points of view.
~ Mark Rifkin (May 14, 2014)

Out of shape vegans?

Most of us, sadly, are addicted to the very food and quantities of food that hurt us most. Which, in turn, helps set the stage for obesity, diabetes, heart disease, various cancers, autoimmune disorders, etcetera. This being said, what the heck does this have to do with being vegan other than the fact that, besides dangerous processed foods, a lot of folks are also hugely addicted to equally harmful animal “products”?

Thus, when a typical food addicted person says, “I no longer want to exploit others, I want to be vegan!” we should all jump for joy and celebrate the fact that yet another person in this world wants to do the right thing regardless of their current state of health.

That is, whether the person looks like a model, or is severely out of shape, the only thing that should matter to the vegan community is that this person has had a change of heart and wants to do the right thing.

Think, then Go Vegan!

Many people say that vegans “judge” others for not being vegan

Many people say that vegans “judge” others for not being vegan.

What could be more “judging” than believing that other animals are so inferior to you that you have a justification for commodifying, using, and killing them for your own pleasure?
~ John Tallent (April 13, 2014)


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